Reinforcement of Yu - Xiang Expressway

Reinforcement with anchor resin

Project Overview

Chongqing-Huaihua Expressway is a high-speed road from Chongqing to Huaihua, Hunan Province. It is the national expressway network Baotou - Maoming Expressway G65 (referred to as Bao Mao high speed). In the spring of 2015, a series of tunnels and pavements of the high-speed Qianjiang section are maintained and maintained TheReinforcement of Yu - Xiang Expressway.jpg

Reinforcement time

May 2015

Reinforcement method

Bonded steel reinforcement, planting bar technology

Reinforcement of Yu - Xiang Expressway1.jpg

material selection

Shanghai HORSE Construction anchor adhesive

Reinforcement of Yu - Xiang Expressway2.jpg

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