Yunnan provincial highway maintenance and reinforcement project

In 2015, the structural cracks appeared in the bridge, it has been decided that the new advanced technology: pre-stressed CFRP laminate system was used to restrict the development of the cracks and enhance the bearing capacity of the cracks.

Engineering survey

Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, persimmon dam to the two road (hereinafter referred to as Feng Zhu Shi Feng highway) is a part of the highway network construction in three counties and one district of Zhaotong City, located in the eastern part of Zhaotong city in Yunnan Province, west of Yanjin persimmon two mouth, check in is under construction in Zhenxiong County Feng Zhu to the prestige of two public road, route length about 61.69 kilometers, all along the river to open two highway. The whole line contains the intersection of 27, 6, 146 culvert tunnel, bridge 1, bridge 14, bridge 16. 

In 2015, the cracks were repaired in the bridges.

Yunnan provincial highway reinforcement

Strengthening time

August 2015

Reinforcement method

Reinforcement of prestressed CFRP laminate

Reinforcement material

HM prestressed carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) laminate, anchorage, HM-30 carbon fiber cloth

Reinforcement of prestressed carbon plate

(pre-stressed fiber reinforced polymer CFRP laminate system)

Reinforcement of prestressed carbon plate

(pre-stressed fiber reinforced polymer CFRP laminate and anchoring head)

Prestressed CFRP laminate operatation process

  1. location and paying off

  2. polish

  3. drilling hole

  4. grooving

  5. repairing and leveling

  6. planting anchor

  7. installing bounding box

  8. installing anchor block

  9. fixing carbon fiber laminate

  10. fixing jack and high strength anchor bolt

  11. prestretching

  12. applying epoxy resin 

  13. prestretching

  14. removing the thread rod

  15. tablet fixing 

  16. finished product protection

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