Prestressed FRP strengthening system - Bridge

Repairing Cracks 0f Bridge with Prestressed Carbon Fiber Plate


Project Overview

(4 × 25m) + (5 × 25m) Assembled Part Prestressed Concrete Continuous Box Girder + 18m Simply Supported Box Girder Exclusive Block + (5 × 35m) Assembled Part Prestressed Concrete Continuous Box + 18m (6 × 25m) + (5 × 25m), and the width of the bridge deck is 35m, and the lower structure is the pile - type piers. In addition to the box beam of the opposite sex block, the remaining upper and lower structure are used in 2003 version of the general figure, 25m combination box beam height 1.4m, 35m beam height 1.8m, floor, web thickness are 450px. Full bridge design D80, D100, D160 three specifications of the expansion joints, the bridge design load: car - super 20, trailer -120.

This design is intended to paste the prestressed carbon fiber plate on the floor, increase the compressive stress of the beam, delay the time of cracks in the bottom plate; at the same time, the steel plate, two-way carbon fiber grid, reinforced beam shear capacity, Web cracks and development.

Use material

Shanghai HORSE Construction prestressed FRP reinforcement system

Reinforcement time

October 2016

bridge reinforcement.jpg

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